Solution Manual (Downloadable Product) for Building Leadership Character By Amy Newman, ISBN: 9781544307855

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Downloadable Instructor Solution Manual for Building Leadership Character Newman



Solution Manual for Building Leadership Character Newman

Downloadable Instructor Solution Manual for Building Leadership Character By Amy Newman, ISBN: 9781544307855

Table Of Content

Chapter 1. Leadership Character in Context

Chapter Overview

Leaders Choose Character

Leadership Theories Have Evolved

Dimensions Focus Our Efforts to Develop Character

Leadership Character Has Organizational and Personal Benefits

Judgment Contributes to Ethical Decision Making

Corporate Failures Teach Us About Character—and About Ourselves

Learning From Corporate Failures

Respecting and Learning From Failure



Chapter 2. Learning Character Lessons From Failure

Chapter Overview

Failure Is Critical to Success

People Fear Failure Because of the Pain

Learning From Failure Builds Character

Leaders Adopt a Learning Orientation

Forward-Looking Organizations Value Failure

Self-Reflection Helps Us Learn From Failure

Reflection Prepares Us Intellectually

Practicing Mindfulness Prepares Us Emotionally

Taking Care of Our Bodies Prepares Us Physically



Chapter 3. Vulnerability: Risking Exposure

Chapter Overview

Volkswagen’s “Clean Diesel” Dupes Customers

Vulnerability Means Risking Exposure

Vulnerability Builds Connection

Apologizing Is Good for Business

Connection Is Built or Destroyed on Social Media



Chapter 4. Authenticity: Living as Yourself

Chapter Overview

General Motors Delays Recalls

Authentic Leaders Are True to Themselves

Authenticity Doesn’t Mean Being Rigid or Morally Correct

Authentic Leaders Bring Their Whole Selves to Work

Self-Awareness and Self-Acceptance Help Us Feel Comfortable in Our Own Skin

We Want to Connect With Real People on Social Media



Chapter 5. Integrity: Being Consistent and Whole

Chapter Overview

FIFA Leaders Disappoint Athletes and Fans Around the World

Leaders of Integrity Are Consistent and Whole

Behavioral Integrity Is Good for Business

Trust in Organizations Is Eroding

Leaders Who Model Integrity, Trust, and Transparency Cultivate Trust

Leaders With Integrity Tell the Truth

Investors Seek and Demonstrate Integrity



Chapter 6. Accountability: Responding to Others

Chapter Overview

Wells Fargo Sets Unrealistic Sales Goals for Employees

Responsibility and Accountability Definitions Are Complementary

Leaders Avoid Accountability by Shifting Blame

Incentives and Regulations Ensure Some Accountability

Leaders Foster a Culture of Accountability

Accountable Leaders Admit and Forgive Mistakes

External Leaders Step in When Boards Fail

Whistleblowers Demand Accountability

Companies Improve Their Accountability



Chapter 7. Courage: Standing Up

Chapter Overview

Samsung Botches a Recall

Courageous Leaders Fight for Worthy Goals

Taking Measured Risks Improves Outcomes

Courage Means Facing Our Fears

Public, Unpopular Decisions Take Courage

Courageous Leaders Tackle Different Conversations

Radical Candor and Radical Transparency Are Two Ways Leaders Demonstrate Courage

Self-Righteousness Needs to Be Controlled



Chapter 8. Humility: Learning From Others

Chapter Overview

Constituencies Question Uber’s Ethics

Humble Leaders Recognize Their Own Limitations

Humility as a Management Strength

Humble Leaders Make Space for Others

Assessments Teach Us About Humility

Leading With Humility Requires Perspective

Humble Leaders Seek Feedback

Curiosity Is Associated With Intellectual Humility

Two Chefs Illustrate Humility



Chapter 9. Compassion: Caring for Others and Ourselves

Chapter Overview

SeaWorld Fails to Respond to the Movie Blackfish

Compassion Alleviates Suffering

Responding With Compassion Involves Four Steps

Compassion Benefits People and Organizations

Compassionate Leaders Respond With Small Gestures, Comfort, and Empathy

Communication About a Suicide Offers a Model of Compassion

Self-Compassion and Gratitude Ease Suffering



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