Solution Manual (Downloadable Product) for Human Sexuality: Self, Society, and Culture 1st Edition By Gilbert Herdt,Nicole Polen-Petit,ISBN10: 0073532169,ISBN13: 9780073532165


Downloadable Instructor Solution Manual for Human Sexuality: Self Society and Culture 1st Edition Herdt



Solution Manual for Human Sexuality: Self Society and Culture 1st Edition Herdt

Downloadable Instructor Solution Manual for Human Sexuality: Self, Society, and Culture 1st Edition By Gilbert Herdt,Nicole Polen-Petit,ISBN10: 0073532169,ISBN13: 9780073532165

Table of Content

Human Sexuality: Self, Society and Culture

Chapter 1: The Study of Human Sexuality

Sexual Literacy

-Become Sexually Literate
-Sexual Well-Being

Sexual Science—A Historical Perspective

-The Medical Model of Sexuality
-A New Approach to Sex Research
-Sex Research Comes of Age
-Sex and Social Policy

Methodology in the Study of Sexuality

-Interdisciplinary Perspectives
-Ethics of Sexual Research
-Research Designs
-Participatory Action Research

Human Sexual Rights

Chapter 2: Contexts of Sexuality: Culture, History and Religion

Human Sexual Nature in Context

-The Sexual Triangle: Species, Culture and Individual
-Sexuality among the Bonobo
-Human Sexual Nature as Expressed Through Culture

Sex Since the Beginning of Time

-Prehistoric Sex and Communication
-A Brief History of Sex and Civilization

Sexual Cultures and Norms

-Sexual Norms and Sexual Socialization
-Sex-Approving and Sex-Disapproving Cultures
-Sexual Unlearning

Sexuality and the Great World Religions

-Sex, Religion and Reality
-Sex in the World Religions

Spirituality and Sexual Behavior in the United States

Religion and Sexual Well-Being

Chapter 3: Sexuality, Media and the Internet

Sex, Media and Pop culture

-Sex in Pop Culture
-Shared Sexual Images and Media
-Popular Music and Sexual Attitudes
-From Reality TV to Homemade Video

The Internet and Sexual Literacy

-Facebook, Twitter, and Sexting
-Online Sexual Socialization
-Sexuality and Risk Online

Virtual Sex

-Sexual Individuality in Virtual Time and Space
-Online Boundaries
-Online Romance, Dating and Hooking Up
-Sexual Avatars and Gaming

Adult Sexual Content

-Pornography and Its Changing Meaning
-Adult Sexual Entertainment Online

Online Communities, Rights and Sexual Well-Being

Chapter 4: Sexual Anatomy and Physiology

Sexual Anatomy

Female Sexual Anatomy

-External Female Sex Organs
-Internal Female Sex Organs
-Breasts and Breast Development
-Variability in the Female Body
-Female Genital Mutilation

Female Sexual Physiology

-The Endocrine System and Hormones
-Pheromones and Their Role in Sexual Behavior
-The Menstrual Cycle

Male Sexual Physiology

-External Male Sex Organs
-Internal Male Sex Organs
-Erection and Ejaculation
-Variability in the Male Body

Bodily Integrity Rights and Sexual Well-Being

Chapter 5: Sexual Pleasure, Arousal, and Response

Pleasure, Culture, and Sexual Well-Being

-Sexual Nature and Sexual Well-Being -Cultural Influences on Sexual Pleasure and Sexual Well-Being
-Defining Your Personal Needs
-Keeping a Sexual Journal

Sexual Arousal and Response

-The Five Senses and Pleasure -Pheromones and Sexual Motivation
-Sexual Excitement and Sexual Fantasy
-Sexual Response Cycles

Sexual Techniques

-Masturbation—Solitary and in Relationships -Kissing
-Frequency of Sexual Activity
-Other Intimate Behaviors

Sexual Pleasure as a Human Right

Chapter 6: Taking Care of the Sexual Body

Knowing Our Own Body

-Taking Responsibility for Our Own Sexual Health -Female Sexual Health
-Male Sexual Health

Sexually Transmitted Infections

-Risk and Protective Factors for STIs
-Sexual Risk Negotiation
-Human Immunodeficiency Virus
-Bacterial STIs
-Parasitic STIs
-Viral STIs

Sexual Well-Being and Innovation in STI Prevention

Chapter 7: Contraception

Contraception: History and Cultural Variations

-Cross-Cultural Variations in Contraception
-History of Contraceptives in the United States

Methods of Contraception

-Choosing a Method of Contraception: What to Consider
-Methods That Protect Against Pregnancies and STIs
-Methods That Protect Against Pregnancy But Not Against STIs

Contraception and Sexual Well-Being

Chapter 8: Reproduction: Conception, Pregnancy, and Childbirth

Parenting and Reproductive Decisions

-Family Leave
-Considering Parenthood

Ensuring a Healthy Pregnancy

-Preparing the Body for Pregnancy
-Nutrition and Exercise
-Sex During Pregnancy

Contraception and Pregnancy

-Cross-Cultural Ideas About Conception
-Trimesters: The Developing Fetus and Changes for

Women and Partners

-Potential Problems During Pregnancy
-Detecting Problems in Pregnancy

Birth and the Postpartum Period: what to Expect

-Options for Giving Birth
-Birth Assistance and Interventions
-Making a Birth Plan
-After the Birth, The Postpartum Period

Infertility and Options

-Assisted Reproductive Techniques
-Other Options for Creating a Family


-Defining Abortion
-Safe Methods of Abortion
-Unsafe Methods of Abortion
-After an Abortion

Sexual Well-Being and Reproductive Rights

Chapter 9: Gender and Identity: Process, Roles, and Culture

Understanding Gender Development and Context

-Gender and Sex
-Biological Process in the Development of Sex
-Biological Sex Variations and Intersexuality

Gender Identity and Expression

-Gender Identity—A Brief History
-Biology and Gender Identity Development
-Transgender—A New Identity

Gender Roles

-Gender Roles Across Time and Cultures
-Social Institutions and Gender Role Development
-Sexism and Gender Roles

Gender Norms and Variance

-Factors of Gender Nonconformity

Gender Identity Rights and Sexual Well-Being

Chapter 10: Sexual Orientation

Understanding Sexual Orientation

-The Spectrum of Sexual Orientation
-The Gap Between Sexual Attraction and Behavior
-Sources of Sexual Orientation
-Sexual Socialization and Compulsory


-Sexual Individuality and Sexual Orientation

Variations in Sexual Orientation

-Same-Sex Behavior Variations Across Cultures
-The Invention or Modern Gay and Lesbian Identity
-The Modern LGBTQ Movement
-10% Are Gay: Myth or Sexual Geography?
-African American Men Being on the Down Low
-Men Who Have Sex With Men
-Female Sexual Fluidity
-Queer and Questioning

Homosexuality, Discrimination, and Stigma

-Sexual Prejudice and Homophobia
-Bullying and Internalized Homophobia
-Hate Crimes

Coming Out and Sexual Well-Being

-Social Acceptance and Being Out
-Being Out—Steps Toward Well-Being
-LGBTQ Family Formation

Sexual Orientation

Chapter 11: Sexuality in Childhood and Adolescence

Sexual Development in Childhood and Adolescence

-Biology, Family and Culture
-Healthy Sexuality and Values in Childhood and


-Emotional Literacy in Young People

Sexuality in Childhood

-Infants as Sensual Beings
-Childhood Curiosity, Masturbation, and Sexual Play

Sexuality in Adolescence

-The Magical Age of 10: Development of Desire
-The Biological Changes of Adolescence: Pubertal


-Romantic Relationships
-Sexual Identity
-Sexual Behaviors in Adolescence
-STI’s, Pregnancy, and Contraception

Sexuality in Context: The Role of Institutions

-Sexuality Education in Schools
-Sexual Health in Europe and the United States

Young People’s Rights and Sexual Well-Being

Chapter 12: Sexuality in Adulthood and Later Life

Early Adulthood

-Single Living
-Casual Sex and What It Means
-Early Cohabitation and Sexual Well-Being

Integrating Marriage and Sexual Well-Being

-Variations in Marriage
-Sex and Marriage
-Extramarital Relationships
-Divorce and Subsequent Marriages
-Same-Sex Marriage

Sexuality and Aging Populations

-Sex and Well-Being at Midlife
-How Sex Shapes Mend and Women as They Age
-Female Issues with Desire
-Male Issues with Arousal
-Aging, Disability, and Sexual Well-Being
-Illness and Sexuality—Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Cancer
-Elderhood and Healthy Sexuality

Sexuality and Well-Being In Late Life

Chapter 13: Attraction, Love, and Communication

Sexual Attraction

-Theories of Sexual Desire and Attraction
-Physical Attractiveness
-Beauty and Sexiness
-Chemistry and Attraction
-Psychological Attraction
-Biological Attraction
-Same-Sex Attraction
-Sexual Scripts


-Theories of Love
-Types of Attachment
-When Love Ends: The Dissolution of Relationships


-Emotional Literacy: Communicating Your Needs
-Sexual Language
-Nonverbal Sexual Communication and Flirting
-Sexual Self-Disclosure: To Reveal or Not to Reveal
-Characteristics of Ineffective Communication
-Improving Communication Skills

Communication and Sexual Well-Being

Chapter 14: Sexual Coercion and Resiliency Sexual Coercion


-Date Rape
-Marital Rape
-Prisoner Rape
-Cultural Differences in Rape
-Societies Prone to Rape
-Perpetrators of Sexual Coercion
-Survivors of Rape and Other Forms of Coercion

Childhood Sexual Coercion

-Child Pornography

Teens and Adult Sexual Coercion

-Sexual Harassment
-Teen Dating Abuse

Sex Work and Sex Trafficking

-Different Types of Sex Work
-Sex Work and Rights
-Sex Trafficking

Recovery, Resiliency, and Sexual Well-Being

Chapter 15: Extreme Sexuality and Paraphilias

Changes in Acceptability of Sexual Behavior

-Variations in Mainstream Sexual Behavior
-Cross-Cultural Extremes of Sexuality
-Extreme Sexual Behaviors in Contemporary Society
-Strip Clubs—Normal or Extreme?
-Gender and Extreme Sexual Behavior
-Kinky Sex
-Sex Tourism and Extreme Sexuality
-When Extreme Sexual Behavior Becomes Impulsive


-Clinical Criteria of Paraphilias
-Categories of Paraphilias
-Popular Culture and Media Influence
-Origins of Paraphilias
-Treatment of Paraphilias

Sexual Novelty and Healthy Sexuality

-Sex Toys, Vibrators, and Related Sexual Enhancements

Mainstreaming of Pornography and Sexual Well-Being