Test Bank (Downloadable Product) for Modern Sociological Theory 8th Edition By George Ritzer, Jeffrey Stepnisky, ISBN: 9781506325620


Downloadable Instructor Test Bank for Modern Sociological Theory 8th Edition Ritzer



Test Bank for Modern Sociological Theory 8th Edition Ritzer

Downloadable Instructor Test Bank for Modern Sociological Theory 8th Edition By George Ritzer, Jeffrey Stepnisky, ISBN: 9781506325620

Table Of Content

PART I Introduction to Sociological Theory
CHAPTER 1 A Historical Sketch of Sociological Theory: The Early Years


Social Forces in the Development of Sociological Theory

Intellectual Forces and The Rise of Sociological Theory

The Development of French Sociology

The Development of German Sociology

The Origins of British Sociology

The Key Figure in Early Italian Sociology

Turn-of-the-Century Developments in European Marxism

CHAPTER 2 A Historical Sketch of Sociological Theory: The Later Years

Early American Sociological Theory

Sociological Theory to Midcentury

Sociological Theory From Midcentury

Late-Twentieth-Century Developments in Sociological Theory

Theories of Modernity and Postmodernity

Social Theory in the Twenty-First Century

PART II Modern Sociological Theory: The Major Schools
CHAPTER 3 Structural Functionalism, Neofunctionalism, and Conflict Theory

Structural Functionalism

Systems Theory

Conflict Theory

CHAPTER 4 Varieties of Neo-Marxian Theory

Economic Determinism

Hegelian Marxism

Critical Theory

Neo-Marxian Economic Sociology

Historically Oriented Marxism

Neo-Marxian Spatial Analysis

Post-Marxist Theory

CHAPTER 5 Symbolic Interactionism

The Major Historical Roots

The Ideas of George Herbert Mead

Symbolic Interactionism: The Basic Principles

The Self and the Work of Erving Goffman

The Sociology of Emotions


The Future of Symbolic Interactionism

CHAPTER 6 Ethnomethodology

Defining Ethnomethodology

The Diversification Of Ethnomethodology

Some Early Examples

Conversation Analysis

Studies of Institutions

Criticisms of Traditional Sociology

Stresses and Strains in Ethnomethodology

Synthesis and Integration

CHAPTER 7 Exchange, Network, and Rational Choice Theories

Exchange Theory

Network Theory

Network Exchange Theory

Rational Choice Theory

CHAPTER 8 Modern Feminist Theory

Feminism’s Basic Questions

Historical Framing: Feminism, Sociology, and Gender

Varieties of Contemporary Feminist Theory

A Feminist Sociological Theory

CHAPTER 9 Micro-Macro and Agency-Structure Integration

Micro-Macro Integration

Agency-Structure Integration

Agency-Structure and Micro-Macro Linkages: Fundamental Differences

PART III From Modern to Postmodern Social Theory (and Beyond)
CHAPTER 10 Contemporary Theories of Modernity

Classical Theorists on Modernity

The Juggernaut of Modernity

The Risk Society

The Holocaust and Liquid Modernity

Modernity’s Unfinished Project

Self, Society, and Religion

Informationalism and the Network Society

CHAPTER 11 Theories of Race and Colonialism

Fanon and the Colonial Subject

Postcolonial Theory

Critical Theories of Race and Racism

Racial Formation

A Systematic Theory of Race

Southern Theory and Indigenous Resurgence

CHAPTER 12 Globalization Theory

Major Contemporary Theorists on Globalization

Zygmunt Bauman on the Human Consequences of Globalization

Economic Theory

Political Theory


Other Theories

CHAPTER 13 Structuralism, Poststructuralism, and Postmodern Social Theory



Postmodern Social Theory

Criticisms and Post-Postmodern Social Theory

CHAPTER 14 Social Theory the Twenty-first century

Queer Theory

Actor-Network Theory, Posthumanism, and Postsociality

Affect Theory

Prosumption Theory

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