Test Bank (Downloadable Product) for Sexuality and Its Disorders Development, Cases, and Treatment By Mike Abrams, ISBN: 9781412978811


Downlaodable Instructor Test Bank for Sexuality and Its Disorders Development Cases and Treatment 1st Edition Abrams



Test Bank for Sexuality and Its Disorders Development Cases and Treatment 1st Edition Abrams

Downlaodable Instructor Test Bank for Sexuality and Its Disorders Development, Cases, and Treatment By Mike Abrams, ISBN: 9781412978811

Table Of Content

Chapter 1: Overview of Sexuality

Case of Elena and Arthur

Defining Sex

The Making of Sexuality

Objectives of This Book

Interviews with Preeminent Researchers on Sexuality

Interview with David Buss, PhD

Chapter 2: The Basics of Sexuality

Sexuality and Gender

Sexual Reproduction

Sexual Reproduction and Genetic Variation

Red Queen Hypothesis

Sexual Competition

Sperm Competition

r/K Selection

Interview with J. Philippe Rushton

Sexual Dimorphism

Relationship Types


Pair Bonding


Sexual Selection


Chapter 3: History of Western Sexuality

The Nature of Historical Sex: Desirability and Debauchery

Sex in the Bible

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Sexuality in the Medieval Era

Sexuality During the Renaissance

Sexuality in the Eighteenth Century


The Twentieth Century and the Sexual Revolution

Fear in Sexuality

An Interview with Dr. Joseph Ledoux

Chapter 4: Major Figures in Sex Research and Theory

Early Writings of Sexuality

Demons and Witchcraft: Early Explorations of Sexual Aberration and Mental Illness

The Renaissance and the Development of Sexology

Sex Research and the Reaction to Victorianism

Heinrich Kaan (1816-1893)

Karl-Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895)

Albert Moll (1862-1939)

Magnus Hirschfeld (1868-1935)

Richard von Krafft-Ebing (1840-1902)

Iwan Bloch (1872-1922)

Havelock Ellis (1859-1939)

Feminism and Early Research on Female Sexuality

Clelia Mosher (1863-1940)

Robert Latou Dickinson (1861-1950)

Katherine Bement Davis (1860-1935)

The Psychoanalytical School of Thought

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)

Modern Science and Human Sexuality

Paulo Mantegazza (1831-1910)

Ira Reiss (1925- )

William Masters (1915-2001) and Virginia Johnson (1925-2013)

Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956)

An Interview With Dr. Sue Carter of Kinsey Institute

Studies in Gender and Sexual Orientation

Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

John Money (1921-2006)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Albert Ellis (1913-2007)

Biological Perspectives

Gordon Gallup, Jr. (1941- )

Interview with Dr. Gordon Gallup

Chapter 5: Theories and Perspectives on Sexuality


Sexual Motivation and the Feedback Loop

Essentialism and Sexual Orientation

Humanistic Perspectives

The Decline of Humanism

Psychoanalytic Schools

Constructivist / Post-modern Perspectives of Psychoanalysis

Analytical Psychology

Constructivism and Social Relativism

Bio-Psycho-Social Point of View


Legal Approach

Social Constructionism

Evolutionary Perspectives

Developmental Theory

Evolution and Attachment Theory

Strategy-Based Theories

Interview with Dr. Todd Shackelford

Chapter 6: Sexuality Development and Developmental Psychology

Development of Gender

Interview with Gender Identity Expert Dr. Kenneth Zucker

Interview with Transgender Author and Clinician Dr. Diane Ehrensaft

The Development of Sexual Behavior

The Maturation of Sexual Behavior

Developmental Abnormalities

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

Biological Influences on Homosexuality

Chapter 7: The Psychology of Sexual Anatomy and Physiology

The External Male Sex Organs

The Internal Male Sex Organs

Hormones: Reproduction, and Sexual Development

Male Sexual Functions

The Female External Sex Organs

The Internal Female Reproductive System

Hormones and Reproduction

The Female Sexual Response

Sexual Responses in Men and Women


Chapter 8: Theories of Love and Attachment and Mating

The Evolutionary Approach to Love

Evolution, Cognition, and Motivation

Attachment Theory

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

Neurology and the Science of Love

Interview with Dr. Helen Fisher

Relationships and Commitment

Chapter 9: Dating and Mating

The Psychology of Dating

Evolutionary Perspectives on Dating/Mating Behavior

Interview with Dr. Douglas Kenrick

Mate Choice

Short-Term Mating Strategies

Case of Roderick

Long-Term Mating Strategies

Issues in Relationships

Culture and Sexual Behavior

Sexual Orientation

Agrarian and Hunter-Gatherer Societies versus Industrial Societies

Eastern versus Western

Sexual Pathologies

Current Trends in Courtship and Mating

Chapter 10: Sexual Disorders and Paraphilias

Classifying Sexual Disorders and Dysfunctions

Perspectives on Sexual Dysfunction

Prevalence and Incidence of Sexual Disorders


Case of Andy: A Paraphile Seeking Help

Dimensions of Paraphilic Sexuality

The Structure of Paraphilias

Prevalence of Paraphilias

Theories Related to Paraphilia

Theories of Masochistic Sexuality

Evolutionary Perspectives

Chapter 11: Treatment of Sexual Problems

Case of Sharon: Abuse, Masochism, and Troilism

The Nuances of Sexual Assessment

Case of Fabrice

Common Factors in Sexual Treatments

Cognitive Approach

Behavioral Approach

Treatment of Troubled Relationships


Problems with Arousal

The Case of Lorraine and Mark – Loss of Passion

Infidelity or “Cheating”

The Case of Linda and Vlad’s Marital Infidelity

Chapter 12: Sexuality and the Internet

Online Sexual Activities

Dating and Casual Encounters

Dating and Hookup Statistics



Adult Websites

Interview with Mike Stabile

Erotic Stories

Gender Differences in Online Sexual Behaviors

The Case of Arnet

Effects of Online Sexual Material


Online Sexual Predators