Test Bank (Downloadable Product) for Speech Craft 1st Edition by Joshua Gunn, ISBN: 9781319064853

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Downloadable Instructor Test Bank for Speech Craft 1st Edition Gunn



Test Bank for Speech Craft 1st Edition Gunn

Downloadable Instructor Test Bank for Speech Craft 1st Edition by Joshua Gunn, ISBN: 9781319064853

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Building Confidence in the Craft

The Celebrated and Feared Power of Speech

Freedom of Speech

Digital Dive: A First Teacher of Public Speaking: Gorgias

High Anxiety: The Fear of Public Speaking

Public Speaking as a Civic Conversation

The Craft of Speech

Getting Up There: Fake it Until You Make It

Basic Speech Prep and Delivery

Let’s Do This!

Chapter 2: Listening and & Ethics of Speech

Speaking with an Open Ear

Communication and Understanding: Listening beyond Noise

An Ethics of Speaking As a Listener

Digital Dive: Plagiarism is Just Plain Nasty

Chapter 3: Audience Analysis

Checking Out Your Speech Location

Who Is Your Audience?

Digital Dive: Appealing to Audience of All Ages

Gathering Info about Your Audience

Audience Psychology: Identification and Core Values

Audience Psychology: All You Need is Love (and Identification)

Feelings: More on Audience Disposition

Chapter 4: Choosing a Speech Topic and Purpose

Developing a Dynamite Topic

Mind Storm: Concept Mapping and Other Explosives

Digital Dive: Finding Your Inspiration

Narrowing your Topic: What’s Your Purpose?

From Topic to Thesis

Chapter 5: Researching Your Speech Topic

Why Research Matters

How to Research a Speech

Digital Dive: The Three Hecks of Internet Source Reliability

Don’t Forget to Cite Your Sources!

Chapter 6: Supporting Materials & Contextual Reasoning

Types of Speech Support

Digital Dive: Examining Testimony

Contextual Reasoning

Chapter 7: Organizing and Outlining Your Speech

Organizing Your Speech

Outlining Your Speech

Digital Dive: Outlining Challenge! To Selfie or Not To Selfie?

Chapter 8: Transitions, Introductions, & Conclusions

Introducing Your Speech


Digital Dive: Conclusions about Conclusions

Concluding Your Speech

Chapter 9: Style & Language

What is Style?

Choosing Your Words

On Rhythm and Word Choice

Digital Dive: The Effect of Repetition and Rhythm

Using Language that Uses Us: Cultivating Awareness

Chapter 10: Style and Delivery

Nonverbal Communication and Tone

Body Language

Digital Dive: From Where You Say It: Feeling Accents and Dialects

…And a Good Pair of Shoes: Grooming and Dressing to Speak

Chapter 11: Presentation Aids

Enhancing Your Speech Using Presentation Aids

Preparation and Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Software: Slides, Slides, Slides!

Digital Dive: Understanding the Slide

Chapter 12: Understanding Speech Genres

What are Speech Genres?

On Breaking the Rules: Genre Violation

Chapter 13: Celebratory Speaking

Celebrating Your Community

Types of Celebratory Speeches

Digital Dive: The Toast: The Ubiquitous Speech of Honor and Goodwill

Chapter 14: Informative Speaking

The Informing Genre

Digital Dive: Is There Any Speech that is Not Persuasive?

Tips for Informing

Chapter 15: Persuasive Speaking

Understanding Persuasion

The Persuasive Appeal

Digital Dive: Using Aristotle’s Triangle to Analyze Speeches

Chapter 16: Making Arguments

What’s an Argument?

Digital Dive: Claim vs. Thesis

Organizing Persuasive Speeches

Chapter 17: Speaking in the Workplace

Speaking for Your Vocation

Speaking at Work

Interviewing for a Job

Digital Dive: Ethical Considerations for Speaking in the Workplace

Chapter 18: Speaking Online

Understanding Online Presentations: Purpose and Type

Adapting to the Amorphous Audience

Conducting Online Presentations

Digital Dive: Tips for Do-It-Yourself Home Video Lighting

Public or Private? It’s Hard to Say

Chapter 19: Speaking for Social Change

Public Speaking and Social Movements

Civil Obedience and Civil Disobedience

Digital Dive: Arresting Developments: Protesting and the Police

Speech, Not Swords: The Humane Alternative of Public Speaking