Test Bank (Downloadable Product) for Victimology The Essentials 2nd Edition By Leah E. Daigle, ISBN: 9781506388519


Downloadable Instructor Test Bank for Victimology The Essentials 2nd Edition Daigle



Test Bank for Victimology The Essentials 2nd Edition Daigle

Downloadable Instructor Test Bank for Victimology The Essentials 2nd Edition By Leah E. Daigle, ISBN: 9781506388519

Table Of Content

Chapter 1. Introduction to Victimology
What Is Victimology?
The History of Victimology: Before the Victims’ Rights Movement
The Role of the Victim in Crime: Victim Precipitation, Victim Facilitation, and Victim Provocation
The History of Victimology: The Victims’ Rights Movement
Contributions of the Victims’ Rights Movement
Victimology Today
Chapter 2. Extent, Theories, and Factors of Victimization
Measuring Victimization
Theories and Explanations of Victimization
Chapter 3. Consequences of Victimization
Physical Injury
Mental Health Consequences and Costs
Economic Costs
System Costs
Vicarious Victimization
Fear of Crime
Chapter 4. Recurring Victimization
Types of Recurring Victimization
Extent of Recurring Victimization
Characteristics of Recurring Victimization
Risk Factors for Recurring Victimization
Theoretical Explanations of Recurring Victimization
Consequences of Recurring Victimization
Responses to Recurring Victimization
Chapter 5. Victims’ Rights and Remedies
Victims’ Rights
Financial Remedy
Remedies and Rights in Court
Section 6. Homicide Victimization – Contributed by Lisa Muftic
Defining Homicide Victimization
Measurement and Extent of Homicide Victimization
Risk Factors for and Characteristics of Homicide Victimization
Different Types of Homicide Victimization
Victim Precipitation
Indirect (Secondary) Victimization
Legal and Community Responses to Homicide Victimization
Chapter 7. Sexual Victimization
What Is Sexual Victimization?
Measurement and Extent of Sexual Victimization
Risk Factors for and Characteristics of Sexual Victimization
Responses to Sexual Victimization
Consequences of Sexual Victimization
Special Case: Sexual Victimization of Males
Legal and Criminal Justice Responses to Sexual Victimization
Prevention and Intervention
Chapter 8. Intimate Partner Violence
Defining Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse
Measurement and Extent
Who Is Victimized?
Risk Factors and Theories for Intimate Partner Violence
Consequences of Intimate Partner Violence
Why Abusive Relationships Continue
Criminal Justice System Responses to Intimate Partner Violence
Legal and Community Responses
Chapter 9. Victimization at the Beginning and End of Life: Child and Elder Abuse
Child Maltreatment
Elder Maltreatment
Section 10. Victimization at School and Work
Victimization at School
Victimization at School: Grades K–12
Victimization at School: College
Victimization at Work
Chapter 11. Property and Identity Theft Victimization
Property Victimization
Identity Theft
Chapter 12. Victimization of Special Populations
Victimization of Persons With Disabilities
Who Is Victimized?
Patterns of Victimization
Risk Factors for Victimization for Persons With Disabilities
Responses to Victims With Disabilities
Victimization of Persons With Mental Illness
Victimization of the Incarcerated
Chapter 13. Victimology from a Comparative Perspective – Contributed by Lisa Muftic
Victimology Across the Globe
Measurement and Extent of Victimization Across the Globe
Justice System Responses to Victimization
Victims’ Rights and Assistance Programs
Chapter 14. Contemporary Issues in Victimology: Victims of Hate Crimes, Human Trafficking, and Terrorism
Victims of Hate Crimes
Victims of Human Trafficking
Victims of Terrorism